Introducing Keratin Treatments @HairNews

Introducing Keratin Treatments @HairNews

We are super exited to partner with Floractive Melbourne to introduce Keratin Treatments at our salon.

floractive Melbourne

About Floractive in their words

Floractive is a Brazilian company that operates in the hair care market since 2011, we provide high-quality products that are efficient and safe for our partners and clients. Our quality processes and our values ​​on sustainability have been a successful case nationwide and worldwide with our brand established in over 60 countries around the world.

All the formulations of our Nanoplasty Systems have several Organic Acids, Amino Acids, Oils, Butter, Waxes, Silicones, and Hydrolyzed Vegetable Proteins, seeking to treat the hair in a balanced way and provide all the nutrients necessary for the recovery of hair health and beauty. Each Nanoplasty Shampoo has been designed to meet the needs of certain hair types. Below are the different options developed for you!
BENEFITS of all our Nanoplasty Systems:
Straight hair more intense.
Longer-lasting results (5-6 months).
Eliminates 100% of frizz.
High Impact Gloss.
Soft and Silky Hair.
Hydration and deep nutrition.
Hair fiber restoration.
Agility and speed in the application procedure.
Vegan Friendly.

In order to straighten the hair fibers and promote the return of amino acids, oils, and nutrients to the hair’s internal structure, shampoo ingredients need to pass through the cuticle and reach the inner layers of the hair cortex. A difficult task to achieve since this inter-cuticular opening has a maximum of 10,000 KDaltons. Explaining the need in old straightening systems to use a clarifying or anti-residue shampoo to open this space. In the Nanoplasty System, as all ingredients are smaller than this limit, there is no need to open before and close the hair cuticles after the straightening process. Which also avoids the inevitable damage to the cuticles when you conduct these steps in the old systems.